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Pentair Everpure Filtration System

A cup of great coffee starts with the water. The spicy, earthy notes of a Sumatra are quickly masked by the pungent chemical taste of chlorine or the metallic bite of iron. Coffee is over 97% water, so commitment to water quality should be no less important than your attention to your beans, grind, and contact time. In a commercial setting, attention to water quality is absolutely critical. Water quality allows for the full extraction of the flavor notes from the coffee and ensures you are delivering consistent quality to your customers. A water filtration system will also protect your coffee and espresso machinery from being destroyed by scale, but retain enough mineral content to ensure proper extraction transpires during brewing.

What is the best water for brewing coffee? 

The best water for brewing coffee is crystal clear, odor-free water with zero chlorine, a light amount of water hardness, a neutral pH of 7, and moderate mineral content (around 150 TDS). Water within these parameters promotes exceptional flavor extraction and full-bodied taste and smell. Since 98% of coffee is comprised of water, the water chemistry of your brew will leave a marked impact on the appearance, smell, and taste of the coffee. The presence of chlorine and chloramines risks tainting the coffee with an acrid chemical smell and aftertaste. If your water is too soft, the water won’t extract the subtle flavors of the coffee bean, leaving the brew with a flat taste.


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Pentair Everpure is one of the most recognized brands amongst foodservice operators and facilities managers, and one of the most trusted brands by those who serve the foodservice industry, including consultants, dealers, service providers, and original water-using equipment manufacturers. Pentair Everpure’s expansive portfolio of technologies and products are designed to be right-sized to deliver the exact water quality spec needed to meet operator’s ingredient and process water requirements.    

Kleensteam CT [EV979750] with EV961256 MC(2) CART 1PK

SR-X Scale Inhibitor with scale stick [EV979845]

Insurice twin i20002 [EV932402]i20002 Cartridge [EV961222]

SR-X Scale Inhibitor with scale stick [EV979845]

EV927222 QC7I Twin Head