AQUALITY’s policies for business conduct come from the purpose, values and principles, it believes and follows. While AQUALITY competes ethically to achieve business success, the Company is concerned not only with the results, but with how those results are achieved. We will never condone nor tolerate efforts or activities to achieve results through illegal or unethical dealings anywhere in the world. Integrity is ingrained in our culture; it inspires us to work hard and strengthens our reputation as a Company that does things what is right.

The Code of Conduct help in guiding us to decide the right path of business while preserving our reputation and living our values. While the Code cannot answer every question, it can certainly show us where to go for guidance when the answer is not clear.

Responsible Product and Services

AQUALITY is committed to ensure that we are dealing with high-quality and legitimate products with due diligence following the processes and procedures set forth in the

Company. We expect our business partners and product suppliers to have a policy in place and implement a system to follow ethical practices and if any external business partner has challenges in complying with our expectations, we will attempt to work to address these challenges.

Technology Matters

Technology is at the core of everything we do; it is the heart of our business and our values. We push the boundaries to discover innovations that transform and sustain human

health with safe drinking water and clean air facilities. The leading technologies  help  us  improve  the  lives  of  people. Delivering the next generation of water treatment and air purification systems depends on our going wherever technology leads us. Technological advancements that make a difference are built on integrity at every stage of development and at every level of the company. Maintaining integrity and living our values in all our interactions protects our offerings, upholds our reputation, and builds public trust.


Employee Rights

At AQUALITY, we strive to promote a work environment of confidence and trust. An important part of our commitment is our employee centric policies which upholds and

respects the country’s labour laws and standard policies. Our employees hold themselves and one another accountable for operating with trust and integrity, for stepping up as leaders and owners of the business, and for competing honourably with a passion to win. AQUALITY is committed to creating a work environment that fosters open communication and supports employees in reporting any violations. Consistent with our purpose of providing superior quality water and air purification systems and services while creating values and improving lives of the people; we

are   equally committed to enhancing the lives of our employees as well.

Health, Safety & Environment

AQUALITY believes that environmental sustainability is paramount for human and business to survive. The Company diligently work with best practices to promote environmental sustainability. We use effective health, safety and environment (HSE) management systems to identify and manage risk and maintain strong performance with dedicated means and resources.

We remain steadfast in our environmental sustainability commitments adopting energy and water efficiency measures, digital work culture reducing use of paper, using public transport system wherever possible to reduce carbon footprint, dealing in products that are robust and long

lasting with responsible   sourcing to protect and preserve the natural climate.


Non-Discrimination Policy

AQUALITY is committed to provide equal opportunities in employment and never engage in any form of unlawful discrimination. We follow all relevant laws and statutory policies in our employment decisions and do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, gender, age, origin, religion, identity, marital status, citizenship, disability, or any other legally protected factor. We are committed to be part of the solution in the fight against inequality.

Product Safety & Compliance

AQUALITY ensures the safety of our products and operations for our employees, customers, business associates, and the environment. We conduct our business responsibly and great consideration is being given to the essential element of building and maintaining public trust in our products and services. We carefully evaluate the safety of all products before they go to market, using well-established risk assessment methods to understand both hazards and potential exposure.

Purpose & Values

Our sole purpose and growth strategy is improving lives of people with clean drinking water and pollution free pure air facilities in significant and meaningful ways. We work with a common cause of improving lives and that inspires us to make positive contributions every day. Our Values articulate our unique approach to conducting business in an honest manner and it reflects in the behaviors that shape the tone of how we work with each other and with our partners.

The ethics and principles are expected to consistently apply as we represent AQUALITY every day, in every project and assignment we undertake, and in every part of the country where we operate. Our Code shows us the right path to work in line with the laws, regulations, industry codes, guidelines, and standards that apply to us. We follow our Code and standards of ethical behavior, and local and national requirements to deliver lasting benefits to our customers and other stakeholders. We achieve success responsibly. We earn and keep trust. We are proud of where and how we work with confidence and trust.

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