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Water filtration systems are essential for anyone looking to improve the quality of their water.

Water quality is not something that should be overlooked because water is the most precious resource on earth. Water filter systems are not limited to faucets or refrigerators; they can be used in a variety of ways. Water filters can be stationary or portable depending on your activity and desired outcome. Water filtration systems are most common in places like bathrooms, swimming pools, aquariums, and of course for drinking water. Whether you are looking for a commercial filtration system, whole house filtration system or a specialty system, Waterfilters.net has everything you need in one convenient location. Once you experience perfectly filtered water, we are confident that you won’t be able to live without it.

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Reverse Osmosis RO & Water Treatment Systems | Industrial & Commercial

Our commercial and industrial water treatment systems feature high quality fabrication and components. Utilizing new and improved technologies increases efficiency and output of the systems, while reducing their environmental impact.
If you’re wondering “how do I choose the best water treatment or RO system for my application?” then you’ve come to the right place.
If you know the model number of your system, then send your RFQ directly. If you do not know the model number of what you are looking for, please make sure to provide the following information:

  • Water analysis
  • Feed water source
  • Required flow rate (GPD, GPM, M3/day or M3/hr)
  • Application (drinking water, pharmaceuticalhotel, school, mining..etc)
  • What is the desired product water quality? (TDS, pH, TSS, BOD, COD or any specific ion)
  • Available power source (110/220/460V, 60 or 50 Hz)

We highly recommend that you visit our water treatment solutions and RO systems sections to have a better understanding of the benefits that our commercial and industrial water treatment systems provide. 

What is a water treatment system?

Water treatment systems are manufactured devices that incorporate the necessary features to specific issues relating to water quality. The treatment process is generally done through the use of high quality reverse osmosis membranes that act as barriers within the system to separate contaminants from the product water. For greater effectiveness, users should ascertain the definite treatment requirements in order to determine the correct water treatment system for their application. The most prevalent issues in the water treatment industry usually revolve around such problems as:

  • High TDS In Seawater, Brackish, Tap, Well Water Treatment
  • Elevated Levels Of Microorganisms/Bacteria/Viruses
  • High Degrees Of Chemicals
  • Extremely Large Amounts Of Salt In Seawater
  • Water Hardness Removal
  • other Pollutants Requiring Advanced Treatment

Water Treatment Systems: Sources

Water treatment systems are designed to target a great number of different contaminants that exist in a wide range of water sources. These water sources can consist of:

  • Seawater: Water treatment systems that deal with the desalination of seawater are generally referred to as seawater reverse osmosis systems (SWRO). This technology is designed for the removal of salt and minerals from the ocean and utilizes extremely high-pressure pumps that are required to handle the exceptionally high concentration of contaminants in seawater. The rule is that water which has an excess of 10,000 ppm TDS is considered seawater. 
  • Brackish water: Brackish water contains higher than ideal levels of TDS, which makes it unsuitable for the vast majority of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Water that is considered brackish consists of both freshwater and saltwater. It contains anywhere between 3,000-10,000 ppm TDS.
  • Tap Water: Tap water is produced from the city and municipal water, and contains the lowest amount of TDS in comparison to the other water sources. Typically, tap water can possess a TDS value below 1,000 ppm TDS. 
  • Surface water: Water treatment systems such as media filters and ultrafiltration work to remove suspended solids and turbidity from surface water. Surface water is produced from natural bodies of water, such as rainfall, and typically runs off surfaces, which ultimately leads to particles and sediments being picked up. These water treatment systems specifically eliminate these unwanted impurities from the water in order to produce clean, freshwater.

What Is The Best Commercial Water Filtration System?

Commercial water filtration systems are designed to be used in commercial applications regarding food and beverage production, hospital water treatment, etc. Commercial water filters are sufficient in producing high-quality water without the utilization of other water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis as long as the TDS in the untreated water is not high and the water is biologically safe. Commercial water filtration systems work to eliminate high concentrations of suspended solids and prevent the occurrence of turbidity which drastically diminished the water quality. 

Although most water filters are primarily used for residential applications for the purposes of providing clean water in refrigerators and faucets, they are increasingly being used for commercial applications. Pure Aqua has manufactured advanced commercial water filtration systems that incorporated with all of the in-demand features necessary to deliver maximum filtration capacity.  The MF-400 is built-in with a fleck valve and provides ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness, robust design, low-maintenance, operational flexibility, and other added benefits.

Take a look at our selection of first-rate commercial water filtration systems to gain better insight on which one might be best for your application. If you are unable to ascertain the right commercial water filtration system for your needs then please call our customer service team for help.